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Name:~ Claudia Valance ~
Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:United States of America
Full Name: Claudia Renee Valance
Age/DOB: 21, March 12, 1990
Apparent Age: 20
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Valen Lennox
Allegiance: Camarilla
Occupation: N/A
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Claudia is a slight woman with pale skin and clear blue-green eyes along with long naturally red hair. Her face is pretty and she has the physical appearance one would expect out of a Toreador. Her smile is easy, though the mere act seems to plummet her age a couple of years. She has the barest smattering of freckles on her skin, something she prefers to cover with makeup when she can, and when at her salon, she takes to wearing fashions that throwback to the 1920s. However, when she hangs out at goth clubs, she wears more risque clothing.

Detailed Personality: First and foremost, Claudia seeks attention. Be it positive or negative, she often acts out due to a need for attention. She first fell for Valen due to the fact that he paid almost obsessive amounts of attention to her. She doesn't often think about the things she does before hand, just does them, impulsive to an almost dangerous degree. Her naivety is another trait that often gets her into trouble.

Claudia is a dreamer by nature, given to flights of fancy, and it's easy for others to take advantage of that fact if it's known. She also finds herself intrigued by mystery and has a strong sense of curiosity.

Claudia also loves humor in all forms, from the bawdy to the obscene. She's always quick with a wry joke and smile, preferring not to take things too seriously. She is thoughtful at times, but prefers to be clever as opposed to deep.

Merits: An artist at heart, Claudia's main talent lies in painting, but she is also a talented dancer, be it jazz or tap or exotic dancing. She's also quick on her feet and a talented problem solver.

Flaws: Claudia is needy and easily led. She does not act entirely mature often. She often runs from her mistakes as opposed to facing them head on and is fairly nonconfrontational.
Disciplines: Presence, Potence, Auspex


Claudia was born in Toronto in 1990 to parents both involved in law enforcement. Her father Robert Valance was an officer in the Toronto police department and her mother, Rachel Kyle, was a police dispatcher. Robert's obsession with his cases led to her mother leaving her own job to take care of their new baby. A couple of years later, her parents were divorced due to her father's singular obsession with his work. Rachel felt as though he needed to spend more time with his family and that the case had become all consuming. She moved back to Montreal, taking her daughter with her, to live and work at her parents' bed and breakfast.

Claudia barely remembered her father and as the years passed, she developed a talent in art, prompting her mother to send her to a specialized school for the arts. It was there, in the dorms, that Claudia developed a taste for the wild life. She lost her virginity at fifteen and began drinking, causing her to drop out of the school. She left home, the parental pressure too much, and she disappeared to Chicago.

It was at a Goth club called Bleed that she met Valen Lennox. Handsome, dark and dangerous, he was the catch that everyone wanted. Unbeknown to her, Valen was a member of the Toreador clan and a real vampire, not a fake one.

He saw in her potential when she danced and soon after he convinced her to run away with him. She was seventeen when they began a whirlwind 'romance' in which they pretended to be vampires (though it was only she who was truly pretending.) He would drink her blood, only small bits that she could remember, and she? She would drink his. She was blood bound to him within a month. They would sleep in the day and only leave at night, pretenders to the vampiric legacy. Or so Claudia believed.

She forgot her family, forgot her friends, her life outside of anything but Valen. She ignored his friends, the strange ones who snickered when she was around. He would disappear for days at a time on business and the time spent away from him made her sick. She hated to be away from him, completely and entirely in thrall.

A year after their romance began, Valen appeared one night completely beaten and bloody. Claudia panicked, seeing his throat nearly ripped to shreds. She was certain that he was nearly dead, and he attacked her in a frenzy, exposing very real fangs this time, sinking them into her skin. He came to his senses after draining her and fed her some of his own blood, turning his prized ghoul into a vampire.

Her life was a whirlwind after her turning. She was introduced into the clan Toreador, given a crash course in how the Camarilla worked, and informed about the Masquerade. She found that the more time passed, the less he seemed to care about her. He found new ghouls to enchant, humans to be around, and his patience with her neediness seemed to grow thin.

The relationship with Valen after her Embrace could only be described as abusive. His temper with her grew short and he struck her, seeming to be completely done with her, though he never allowed her to see others. The one time she flirted with a young Brujah neonate, he nearly beat the vampire to death. It seemed that his possessive streak was longer than his affectionate one. There were times, though, that he showed affection to Claudia, but they were few and far between. Just enough to make her believe that he truly loved her still. Valen had ceased to feed her his blood, something that made her wonder at times, but she didn't press. She knew better than to beg him for anything.

However, after one particularly bad incident, there were a few visitors who came calling. Claudia was immediately entranced by their serpent eyes and she watched as they set the entire place ablaze, including Valen. In an attempt to fetch a prized family cross, she was burned on the palm. It was then that she attained her aversion to crosses, as well as a dire fear of the Setites.

Since then, she has wandered between Camarilla cities without a Sire, trying to find a home.

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